SEU Change Roles in Tesla Organization Discussion and Responses


Change Roles in Your Organization 

Think about organizations that you are familiar with, organizations where you work/ed, schools you?ve attended, or organizations with which you associate.

  • Identify and briefly discuss a change/s in the organization.  
  • Share what instigated the change? 
  • Examine the change in terms of the 4 organizational change roles, change initiator, implementer, facilitator, recipient and who carried out these roles.
  • Discuss the position or title in the organization (leader, manager, supervisor, or employee) with the role they played.
  • Evaluate if they were effective and why or why not?
  • Do you think the change was effective? Why or why not?


1)Change Role in Organization            Change is a process of adding value or improvement to existing operations or functions. Change in organizations is a frequent activity that takes place to improve the quality of business operations and involves all stakeholders, depending on the significance of change needed in the company. However, the success of change brings effective improvements to the process of management and success (Deszca et al., 2020).Identify and Brief Change in Organization            SABIC is one of the famous companies working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The organization is recognized for its petrochemical services that are used around the world. However, SABIC is delivering important services around the world that make it competent and increase the importance of performance efficiency. The process of the change introduced at SABIC is to enhance its performance and achieve environmental sustainability for future generations (Mudhayan et al., 2019).Organizational Change Roles            The process of change at SABIC is carried out with the involvement of all responsible individuals. The changes promoted at SABIC have become successful through the effective involvement of the chief executive officer, board of directors, managers, and employees (Publication, 2021).The change initiator in SABIC is the chief executive officer who has approved the design and development of the performance management system.The board of directors at SABIC is mainly responsible for the approval and introduction of such changes in the organization on a large scale.The facilitators are the managers and supervisors working at different departments of SABIC that are responsible for encouraging the adoption of such changes.The recipient at SABIC are the employees working in different departments that are responsible for the adoption and practicing of suggested changes (Publication, 2021).Role of Manager and Effectiveness of Change            The operations that I carried out during the process of change were related to the training of workers for effective use of the performance management system. However, I have successfully conducted training and developed key skills in the workers to adopt the performance management system to ensure their availability during work hours and completed their assigned tasks on time.Effectiveness of Manager            The role of the manager has been effective in training the staff and communicating the effective use of the performance management system to drive success in SABIC performance which also helped workers to stay dedicated to their assigned duties and roles (Mudhayan et al., 2019).


Second mate:    The organization must adapt to the improvement by evolving the change to be successful. Organizational change may include all aspects, such as process, culture, infrastructure, and technology.      I have worked in an old bank in Saudi Ariabal where the bank’s infrastructure build in the 90s. The bank has not invested in new technology since that time. It provides complete financial services in the kingdom, such as online banking, trading, and loans. It manages 73 branches in Saudi Arabia and 28 branches outside of Saudi Arabia.      The Tehnchlolgy has not been upgraded, and the process and IT infrastructure have been. The bank adapted to new strategic goals to change from the inside. This change is government requirements, and business needs to keep up with competitors.      The bank hired a new Chief of Tenchlnoly officer to lead the change in the IT division. The CTO plays various roles in this change. He adopted successful strategies which can improve the cost and the services. He implemented edge technology such as virtualization and cloud computers. The CTO worked on facilities’ internal procedures and processes. This change led to improving the online service development from two years of approval to 3 months of development and providing online financial service to the customers.     The change was very effective in the bank services but was insufficient to keep the bank on top of its competitors. The challenge in this change is that time was not enough to recover from the current state of development after three years of improvement; the bank needs more time to see the results. 

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