Module 3 Application Activity


Robert Sloan just called you to tell you that one of his Staff Accountants is planning to retire in 3 months.  This gives you some time to walk through the hiring process with him.  Please discuss your recommendations to him about how the following selection steps should be handled:

Identify the basic competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities) necessary for this job.  (Give some specific suggestions on co mpetencies for this role)

Explain the benefits of a structured interview.

  • Tell him the difference between open-ended, situational, and behavioral questions.
  • Give him examples of each type of question (at least 9 questions:  3 open-ended, 3 situational, 3 behavioral).
  • Talk to him about interviewing errors or biases that he needs to be sure to avoid.
  • Discuss the types of questions Robert should avoid asking.
  • Close the meeting with some general best practices regarding interviewing

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