PPT Presentation- Design Insights


Option A: If your Proposal from Week 3 is a current organization, where you can quick gather data using one of the processes (3.1 – 3.15) to understand and gather data. Please gather data to use in Framing Insights. From Mode 4 – identify a process from the text ( 4.1-4.20) that works for your learning style and could apply to the data you have gathered regarding your opportunity/problem. Gather and sort your data into ?insights? or ?themes?.


  • Look for 4-6 key insights/themes that inform what the actual design project should include.
  • Write a brief description of each key ?insights? and concepts that came together to form this theme.
  • Describe the process you used and how it helped you understand the key attributes that are needed in the final solution.
  • Include a visual of the process you used – post it notes, a mind map, circles on paper, an excel sheet ? whatever you used, show your process. 

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