Collin County Community College District Management Paper


NOTE: there are THREE PARTS to the Literature Review:  

Topic Selection (this week’s assignment)


  1. Final Paper
  2. Topic Selection:
  3. This assignment is to prepare a short (2-4 page) overview of the Topic you will address in your research paper. 

See the Research Paper Topic Listing below for some example topics related to this course.  Choose something you find interesting!  Perhaps you are dealing with the topic at work, for example, and would like to know more about it.    

*If you have another topic area related to this course that is not listed, please contact me to discuss.  I am open to other topics as long as it relates to the course in general.  

Research Paper Topic Listing

NOTE: All of the items below are reviewed as part of this class in the PMBOK Guide.  Review these items for more detail before you choose your topic — pick something of interest to you! 

Integrating project management principles with project performance and value delivery. 

Defending ethical principles as applicable in the performance of project management in organizations and society. 

Evaluating project development approaches and life cycle models. 

Implementing project work performance domain activities.

Evaluating stakeholder engagement and project information distribution. 

Evaluating the role of quality assurance and continuous improvement in project value delivery. 

Integrating project team performance domain activities. 

  1. Integrating project delivery performance domain activities. 
  2. Integrating measurement performance domain activities. 
  3. Integrating uncertainty performance domain activities. 
  4. Directions:
  5. Prepare and submit a short (2-4 page) double-spaced paper (preferably Microsoft Word) describing your topic, why it is important to you and what you expect to learn from researching the literature on your topic. 

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