lookin for a response to the comment with 2 scholarly references….

Question Answered step-by-step lookin for a response to the comment with 2 scholarly references…. lookin for a response to the comment with 2 scholarly references.My project is on how exercise intervention improves glycemic control in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). My project fits into the SQUIRE guidelines because it provides a complete framework that covers all aspects of my DPI project. It provides explicit description of each steps, categories, and subcategories to follow. It provides guidelines for reports that describe the system so as to improve quality, safety, and value of healthcare, using range of defined methods to show that observed outcomes (decreased plasma glucose and glycated hemoglobin) were due to exercise interventions. Additionally, SQUIRE helps in reporting of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the nature and impact of exercise intended to improve health outcome in Type 2 Diabetes with the understanding that the guidelines may be adapted as needed for specific situations (SQUIRE 2.0, 2017).Research projects are question-driven and focus on providing proof of effectiveness. The main purpose of research is to generate new knowledge on a particular subject to a study population, (Al-Surimi, 2018). QI projects are data-driven and aim on demonstrating sustained improvement to a specific process or outcomes within a health-care organization using the research evidence generated as the basis for developing the improvement interventions (Al-Surimi, 2018). My QI project does not aim to generate new knowledge as a research project does, rather, it generates several learning lessons in knowing if and how exercise intervention works in improving glycemic control in T2D. Informed consent is not required for quality improvement projects since they pose only minimal risk (Al-Surimi, 2018). Because quality improvement is an integral aspect of normal health care operations, consent to be included in QI projects is part of the patient’s consent to receive treatment. (ogo 1) Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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