Stages of Grief Scenarios Scenario #1 Julia grandfather died a few…

Question Answered step-by-step Stages of Grief Scenarios Scenario #1 Julia grandfather died a few… Stages of Grief Scenarios  Scenario #1 Julia grandfather died a few days ago. Julia used to be very active in the Key Club at school, but lately she has stopped participating. Instead of staying after school with the rest of the group, she goes home and watches television.  She cries a lot and has lost interest in things she used to do. What stage of grief is Julia experiencing?  Scenario #2 Billy and Eric have been best friends since playing basketball on the same pee-wee team in elementary school.  Billy has been diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening form of cancer. Eric has been very nervous since the diagnosis. He recently shouted at Billy that they been through so much together. How could you die and leave me? And it is not fair!  What stage of grief is Billy experiencing?  Scenario #3 Debbie’s favorite uncle died last night after being ill with colon cancer.  Debbie was very sad when she first heard about cancer, but she had said goodbye and told her uncle how much she loved him.  When she learned he had died, she went to a lake with a friend and told her friend stories her uncle used to tell her. She remembered all the happy times she had spent with her uncle. What stage of grief is Debbie experiencing?  Scenario #4 Chris has just learned that he has AIDS.  He insists that there is no way he can be dying. . I have my whole life ahead of me. What stage of grief is Chris experiencing?  Scenario #5 Annas cousin has been seriously injured in an automobile accident and is not expected to survive. Anna prays and promises that if her cousin lives, she will spend lots of time with her and give her the choice of activities. What stage of grief is Anna experiencing?  Health Science Science Nursing NUR 201 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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