Reflective Essay identified two different types of mindset about…

Question Reflective Essay identified two different types of mindset about… Reflective Essayidentified two different types of mindset about intelligence, fixed and growth, and identified locus of control, internal and external, as a belief system about the significant impact of your actions (extract from textbook: Harrington, 2019).InstructionsChoose one of these concepts to write in a logical and coherent way. Support your ideas by providing detailed examples and citing evidence.Your essay should have three (3) paragraphs.First paragraph (Introduction). Choose mindset or locus of control as the topic of your essay and define it.Second paragraph (Body): Describe the selected topic following these guidelines:Role of mindset or locus of control in your interpersonal relationships and achievement of career and personal goalsFactors that affect the selected topic (mindset or locus of control)Compare the two types of mindset or the two types of locus of control.Strategies to increase locus of control or develop mindsetDescribe with which type of concept you identify and provide examples.Third paragraph (Conclusion): Summarize your topic choice by bringing together all of your main points. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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