Nursing 1030; Topic General nursing studies The use of distance…

Question Nursing 1030; Topic General nursing studies The use of distance… Nursing 1030; Topic General nursing studiesThe use of distance education using digital tools in higher education has increased over the last decade, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this study aimed to describe and evaluate nursing students’ experiences of the pedagogical transition from traditional campus based learning to distance learning using digital tools.1.    Other than transfusion, when is it necessary to take the Rh factor into consideration?2.   Explain how institutional racism affects the nursing sector?3.   Do you think that racism affects nurses mentally?4.   How do you think it affects those who belong to caucasian group despite them not being targets of racism?5.   Attach a research that explicitly discusses racism and its effects on nursing.6.   Extraction of a small section of diseased tissue to study and diagnose is called 7.    How much blood does the body have in reserve and where is it stored?8.   What is the optimum temperature to store blood right after collecting it?9.    A virus that destroys the immunity of the body and can spread through blood is _10.  In a normal adult male, what is the ration of RBCs: WBCs: Platelets per ml of blood?11.  The leaving of neutrophils from the blood vessels to act on the site of injury is called as ___  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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