Mrs. Dolan has worked at Happy Valley Retirement Home for a number…

Question Answered step-by-step Mrs. Dolan has worked at Happy Valley Retirement Home for a number… Mrs. Dolan has worked at Happy Valley Retirement Home for a number of years; she is currently the home’s director of nursing. The home recently developed and implemented a no-contact pol-icy requiring that nurses, from the director of nurses to the nurse’s aide, are to refrain from contacting any patient’s family member or members without first obtaining permission from the home’s administrator. The rationale behind this policy was not explained, though several of the nursing staff did request such information. Mrs. Dolan believes that the policy is abusive and a direct violation of the state’s nursing home residents’ bill of rights law. Specifically, she is concerned that the no-contact policy prevents her from working directly with the resident’s family members and assuring them about the condition of their loved ones. Mrs. Dolan has made her feelings about this issue known to the administrator of Happy Valley. She has also contacted a senior-citizens advocacy group and the state Department of Health about her concerns. When the administrator of Happy Valley discovered that Mrs. Dolan had spoken with the state Department of Health, he termi-nated her. She has now filed this lawsuit claiming retaliation for her whistleblower activities. LEGAL QUESTIONS 1. Did Mrs. Dolan follow the correct procedure for voicing her concerns about this no-contact policy? 2. Does the no-contact policy meet the definition of a violation of public policy significant enough to be reportable? 3. Did the home terminate Mrs. Dolan in retaliation for her actions or was the action appropriate given her public voicing of her disapproval of the new policy? 4. How would you decide this case? Health Science Science Nursing NUR 342 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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