CASE ANALYSIS : Nurses, as Health Care Professionals are faced with…

Question CASE ANALYSIS : Nurses, as Health Care Professionals are faced with… CASE ANALYSIS:            Nurses, as Health Care Professionals are faced with many issues and dilemma in their day-to-day practice. To address these issues, Nurses should provide services that will positively affect patient care, management  and treatment.             Suppose, you are a new Staff Nurse in a Homecare Hospice Institution and  then one day, you received this patient:            A 75-year-old male patient, disoriented and who looks older than his stated age. He appears generally weak, under nourished, not well kempt and not well-groomed.  His skin is dry with significant rashes.  Vital signs checked and recorded, all vitals were abnormal associated with difficulty of breathing. Also, the patient is seen with limited body movements and with episodes of involuntary muscle control especially when standing. The patient always complains of abdominal pain, nausea  and loss of appetite. You then, established your rapport and interpersonal relationship with the patient and during this time, the patient tells you that he is tired of all the nursing and medical management given to him and that he sees no improvement in his health and well-being and that he would rather take all his medications to end his pain and sufferings.As the Nurse in charge to this patient,1.)  What Nursing Roles and Responsibilities will you portray to address the concerns of your patient? Explain. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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