1. A Pharmacy Contract should include: back up and emergency boxes…

Question Answered step-by-step 1. A Pharmacy Contract should include: back up and emergency boxes… 1. A Pharmacy Contract should include:back up and emergency boxesdelivery schedulemedication order times and frequencyall of the above2. The consulting pharmacist provides the DRR report to the DON and the MDS nurse.??True ?False3. In a nursing facility, which staff person bears the responsibility of having a system of records of receipt and disposition of all controlled drugs,¬†along with accurate reconciliation? (Select the best answer.)The Director of NursingThe Consultant PharmacistThe AdministratorThe Medical Records Coordinator4. Which of the following is the term for drugs used to control or treat symptoms such as hallucination¬†or delusion? (Select the correct answer.)AnxiolyticSedativeAntipsychoticAntidepressantHypnotic5. What is the allowable medication error rate in a nursing facility? (Choose the correct answer.)5% or greaterLess than 10%Less than 5%3%6. Residents who are prescribed antipsychotic drugs may continue taking them at the initial dose indefinitely, as long as their behavior is a problem for the NF.TrueFalse Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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