Sue Black, RN, has been appointed manager of the new pain clinic at…

Question Answered step-by-step Sue Black, RN, has been appointed manager of the new pain clinic at… Sue Black, RN, has been appointed manager of the new pain clinic at an academic medical center located in the southeastern United States. Due to a number of circumstances outside of Ms. Black’s control, since the unit opened 2 years ago, actual patient volumes (infusions) in this new pain clinic have occupied less than 20% of the available space and steadily remain under budget by 65%. Ms. Black is keenly aware that hospital leadership is reviewing the performance and productivity of the pain clinic and that in all likelihood most of her staff is in jeopardy of being reassigned to other areas and/or the pain clinic may close. As a strong advocate for those patients who stand to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated pain clinic, Ms. Black began to explore other disciplines that could share the same space, thereby gaining improved productivity metrics. To this end, Ms. Black was aware of patients requiring Remicade and pamidronate infusions who were put on a wait list. Working with her chief nursing officer (CNO), Ms. Black began a series of meetings with respective physicians to determine how the pain clinic could better serve their infusion patients. As this concept gained support from prospective users, Ms. Black’s CNO asked her to prepare an infusion center business plan for presentation to hospital leadership.1. What are the key components that Ms. Black should address in the business plan? 2. What guiding principles should be addressed in the business plan?3. What components should be referenced in preparing a high-level current state assessment of infusion services at this institution? 4. What financial outcomes/measures would interest the chief finance officer? Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4034 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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