NUR 3940 iHuman Debriefing Tool 1. What is the first thing that…

Question NUR 3940 iHuman Debriefing Tool 1. What is the first thing that… NUR 3940 iHuman Debriefing Tool   1. What is the first thing that comes to mind about the clinical experience you just had?      2. What went right and why?       3. What are one or two things you would do differently and why?       In this section, you will describe your findings within the simulation from the medical record, physical assessment, and plan of care for the patient.  Recognize Cues:   a) Environmental cues          b) Patient Observation Cues (able to recognize normal vs abnormal; identify signs and symptoms)        c) Medical Record Cues (able to recognize normal vs abnormal; identify signs and symptoms)       d) Time Pressure Cues  Fill in the condition/disease process associated with the simulation in blank below  Analyze Cues?: requires knowledge of signs and symptoms of__________________________________(what do the s/s, cues mean?)        Prioritize hypothesis: ?requires prioritization of condition(s) (VS, lab values, etc – what indicates acute, chronic?)        Generate Solutions?: (requires knowledge of conditions and treatment for conditions; do I need more information/further assessment?; are my solutions supported by my observations?)      Take Actions: ?(nursing interventions; and prioritize them)        Evaluate Outcomes?: (patient observation cues; follow-up on labs, VS, assessment, etc; determine improvement, worsening, or remaining the same of condition       Do I need additional:   a) knowledge, if so, what       b) information, if so, what      c) skills, if so, what   1. What if the patient’s age was ________? What would the nurse do differently?         2. What if the patient had _______________________ (insert condition/disease process)? How should this condition change the nurse’s care of the patient?         3. Have you cared for a patient before (clinical or sim) that presented similarly to this patient? If so, what was similar and why? (pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, etc)  1.      What actions could be delegated to an NAP?      2.      What actions could be delegated to an LPN/LVN?                3. What legal issues are relevant for the patient? What should the nurse do for those issues?                     4. What ethical issues are relevant for the patient? What should the nurse do for those issues?          5. What other HC team members are involved in the patient’s care and why? Are there any other HC members that the nurse should find beneficial to the patient and/or family and why?      6. Identify any areas that may require the nurse to advocate on behalf of the patient? List the issue and describe why it is an issue. Who should the nurse advocate to on behalf of the patient?  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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