he student nurse is reviewong the patient’s care plan and…

Question Answered step-by-step he student nurse is reviewong the patient’s care plan and… he student nurse is reviewong the patient’s care plan and docmentation in the electronic health reocrd(HER) who is an Airborne precautions. The student nurse appropriately identityfile each statement/action as which part of the nursing process (May not use all options, may use some more than once). choose one of this apply to each sentence: Intervention, Scoping, Planning, Nursing Diagnosis, Assessment, Evaluation *patient age 18, has pulmonary TB, confirmed by pruifed protein derivate (PPD) skin test postiive. he just informed the nurse he is feeling rejected because everybody wears a mask when they come in to see him. *Patient will voice undertanding of pathogen and need for Transmission-Based Precautions within 24 hours of being placed on Airborne precautions. _____*patient states to the day nurse he understands the danger of the organism and how it is transmitted *Deficient knowledge related to infection and mode of transmission ______*Night nurse asked pt’s pareitns to call patient’s freinds and ask the visiting schedule ______*Nuse on the previous shift taught specific of good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquettie including covering the mouth when coughing and conttaiment of used and sputum ______ Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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