Description of the client: Age? Sex? Ethnicity? Marital Status?…

Question Description of the client: Age? Sex? Ethnicity? Marital Status?… Description of the client: Age? Sex? Ethnicity? Marital Status? What precipitated hospitalization? Number of days in the hospital? Mental Status Examination?J. is a 35 year old white male, with a history of single status. His height was about 5’11 and 200lb in weight. In the morning J seemed a bit irritated he kept on calling the nurse every 30 minutes or so to ask her questions. He was just pacing the room back and forth. Sometimes I would see him sitting on the floor staring at the white wall with a constricted affect. J has a history of schizophrenia, hypothyroidism, and  was brought to the hospital due to recurrent violent incidents in the context of poorly controlled psychotic symptoms. He tends to be violent with male staff and other patients. He  has been on trialed on various antipsychotics, including clozapine, with minimal response and significant side effect, including a seizure while on significant clozapine presented with worsening psychotic symptoms and persistent EPS when switched from clozapine to thiothixene, and could not be transitioned back to lorazepam due to drop in ANC, but has shown improvement since addition of quetiapine and drop in thiothixene dose. Although he has not shown any signs of violent towards a male individual he was put in seclusion until being transferred to another facility.Legal wise, he is on hold, because he is gravely disabled, nurses started his written information about his medications, but patient refused to discuss and sing. A CT-scan was done and showed advanced temporal atrophy.  Which means loss of volume in the hippocampal area. He was unsure about his discharge plans. 2.Description of environmental setting where interaction took place. Explain the reasons for a supportive or non-supportive environment (E.g. noise, distractions, light, temperature, etcWhile reading J’s chart and talking to the nurse I found out J was in a seclusion room due to him being violent to male staff and other patients. My interaction with J was held outside of the seclusion room which was the only way I could talk to him was from the outside of his room. His door was locked from the inside because he would go ran straight to hit an innocent male. The room was located right Infront of the nursing station and staff were monitoring him throught the camaras that were inside the nursing station. His appearance and grooming hygiene was neglected and when talking to him his behavior was calm and cooperative. For motor, he showed no mannerisms, no stereotypes, tics tremors, or rigidity. His speech was normal rate and volume, he had a constricted affect and sometimes he would show a normal affect. Lastly, he showed no obvious delusions, obsessions or precautions.In his room he only had, one blanket his mattress, a Tv and a pair of headphones. When I saw the nurse talking to J at first I thought she  was just talking to him from the outside because she did not want to go inside, I thought she was busy and it was faster to talk to him that way. I really caught my attention and so I asked the nurse why she was talking to him from the door instead of going inside the roomand after Finding out that J was not able to go out from his room and seeing him sitting on the floor just staring at the white wall, broke my heart. I put myself in his shoes and imagined how I would feel being in a white room without talking to anyone, and not being able to go  out at all, that is what made me approach to him. Image transcription textAutoSave . OFF MSMU – IPA template(1) – Compatibility Mode Q Home InsertDraw Design Layout Refe… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textStudent: Client: CommunicationTechniques Critique and Analysis*Verbal (quotes) and Verb… Show more… Show more   SummaryEvaluation: After analyzing the interaction, provide a description on how the interaction progressed. Identify the reasons for successful process or unsuccessful process. What did you learn from the interaction with your patient?I believe my interaction with J. was very successful because he was able to stand still and in one place while talking to me instead of pacing and walking around the room. I do believe I stablished rapport with the patient because he was very honest while answering to my questions. While talking to him I was at eye level and tried to give him my full attention although it was very challenging to hear him from the outside of his room there was a lot of distractions for me since there were patients walking around and talking, housekeeping cleaning and staff communication with one another. In conclusion me  giving him my full attention to him made him gain trust and open up to me.  How did you personally feel about the interaction? What would you change if you had to redo the interaction?I felt  happy about our interaction. I just wished I had more time to talk to him sadly I had to go on break and when I came back he was asleep. I also felt the environment for me while talking to him was very distracting and not too appropriate which made me feel anxious because there where times I could not hear him at all and I had to ask him several times to repeat what he was saying. I also think I could have used more of therapeutic questions rather than just interviewing him since I was already nervous because of the distractions and sometimes I was not sure how to respond to his answer I would just ask another question but I do think I did improve compared to my first day at my clinical Rotation. In conclusion, if I used more therapeutic questions the conversation would have most likely lasted longer and patient would have been more involved .pt was looking at my eyes when talking to mewas very polite and sweetanswered every question I askedhe did not look anxiousgave me full attentionI believe I used both non therapeutic nd therapeutic communication Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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