Nursing Research Question 1 When researchers compare baseline…

Question Answered step-by-step Nursing Research Question 1 When researchers compare baseline… Nursing Research Question 1When researchers compare baseline demographic data between study participants in the experimental and control groups, what do they hope to demonstrate?A. The outcome has changed in the experimental group onlyB. There is no difference between the groups (p < 05)C. There is no difference between the groups (p>05)D. Any difference in groups is due to random sampling Question 2Tobacco companies challenged the causal relationship between cigarette and lung cancer by claiming the existence of confounding variables. What is an example of a confounding variable in this example?A. Exposure to air pollutionB. Choice of college majorC. Lung cancer diagnosisD. Cigarette smoking Question 3Researchers conducting an experimental study estimate necessary sample size by doing a power analysis Why is this important to do?A. To avoid a Type II error due to not enrolling enough participantsB. To limit the impact of confounding variables on study findingsC. To avoid a Type I error due to a large significance level, or alpha.D. To be able to generalize findings to the target population Question 4While reading the results section of a research study, you notice that the researchers stated, “the results of this study are statistically significant.” How would you interpret that statement?A The findings are unlikely due to chance aloneB. The null hypothesis has been acceptedC. The results of the study are clinically usefulD. it is likely that a Type Il error occurred Question 5Based on the information presented, for which of the following studies would you expect the Chi square statistical test to be used in analyzing the data?A Assessing the correlation between steps walked and minutes of sleep per 24 hoursB. Comparing mean reduction in heart rate (bpm) between two study groupsC. Comparing proportions of people who stopped smoking (Yes, No) in two study groupsD. Comparing mean knowledge score (0-100) before and after an educational intervention Question 6 Which of the following tests should be used to test if earning a college diploma (Yes, No) influences lifetime cancer diagnosis (Yes, No)?A. ANOVAB. Chi-squareC. independent t-testD. Dependent t-test Question 7You see the following statement in a research article: ‘The mean age of heart attack in obese men is 57 (95% CI= 51-62).” Which of the following is true?A. There is 95% confidence the true population mean falls between 51-62B. There is 5% confidence that the age of heart attack in obese men is 57C. The range of the variable age of heart attack’ equals eleven (11)D. There is 95% confidence that the age of heart attack in obese men is 57 Question 8QUESTION ATTACHMENT View the graph and answer the question. This graph resembles which shape?A. Multi-modalB. Negatively skewedC. Normal distributionD. Positively Skewed Question 9Type of provider obstetrician or pediatrician) is an example of which level of measurement?A. continuousB. predictiveC. categoricalD. variable Question 10A study is examining the question of whether type of provider (physicians or nurses) are equally likely to use hand hygiene when entering and leaving a patient’s room, measured as YES (cleaned hands) or NO did not clean hands). Identify the most appropriate statistical test for this type of data.A. Pearson’sB. Chi-squareC. independent t-testD. ANOVA Question 11 A study showed that chewing gum after cesarean section reduced the occurrence of bowel problems from 24% (control group) to 12% (gum chewing group, p=0.012). After determining statistical significance, what should the researchers consider when thinking about clinical significance? (Select All That Apply)A. That chewing gum can be easily implementedB. That chewing gum is safe and inexpensiveC. That the researchers rejected the null hypothesisD. That the p value was less than the alpha level  Question 12A researcher wanted to determine the effects of an educational video on texting while driving. The researcher provided a knowledge questionnaire (scores ranged from 0 to 100) to a group of teenagers both before and after watching the video to see if their knowledge scores changed. What statistical test should the researcher use?A. ANOVAB. Dependent t-testC. Pearson’sD. Independent t-test Question 13Nurse researchers conduct a randomized controlled trial to examine whether sitting at the bedside intervention group) versus standard nursing care (control group) impacts patient satisfaction. Using a satisfaction scale, the researchers compare mean satisfaction scores (ranging from 0 to 60) between the intervention and control groups. What is the level of measurement of the independent variable (IV) and dependent variable (DV) in this study?A. IV is continuous, DV is continuousB. TV is continuous, DV is categoricalC. IV is categorical, DV is continuousD. IV is categorical, DV is categorical Question 14A researcher randomly assigns nursing home residents at risk for pressure ulcers to one of three (3) different intervention groups to prevent skin breakdown. The outcome is average depth of pressure ulcer, measured in millimeters. What statistical test should the researcher use?A. ANOVAB. Dependent t-testC. Chi-squareD. independent t-test Question 15 Figure 1. Demographics for the sample: education level of participants, n=200 Image transcription textQuestion # 15 Intervention High School. College Figure 1. Demographics forthe sample: education lev… Show more… Show moreBased on what you see in Figure 1, which of the following statements is true?A. Researchers likely used Pearson’s rcorrelation to compare education level by group assignment intervention orcontrol)B. The intervention had an influence on the educationlevel of participants (high school or college)C. There is a statistically significant differencebetween the intervention and control groups in education level (high school orcollege).D. Thereis not enough information to know if there is a statistically significantdifference in education level between the groups  Question 16Figure 1. Demographics for the sample: education level of participants, 1200Image transcription textQuestion # 16 Warvention ConeralWhich khod a College Figure 1:Demographics for the sa… Show more… Show moreNow that you see the accompanying text from the article that goes with Figure 1, what can you conclude? (Select All That Apply)A. There is a statistically significant difference in education level between the intervention and control groupsB. The difference in education level does not matter because the two groups are the same size (100 eachC. Researchers should control for the significant differences in education level to reduce the impact on study findingsD. The researchers used an appropriate statistical test to compare education level between groups Question 17Which of the following statements are examples of descriptive statistics that may be reported in a research study? (Select all That Apply)A. The mean age of participants in the intervention group was 52.5 years (SD 57)B. Fifty two percent (52%) of participants report using caffeine products to stay awakeC. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of participants were female and worked fulltimeD. The intervention group lost 7 pounds and the control group lost 4 pounds (p< 0.05) Question 18A nurse researcher is interested in determining if there is a relationship between stress and problem solving among senior nursing students. Both are measured using questionnaires with scores that range from 0-100. Which inferential test should be used?A. Pearson'sB. ANOVAC. TestD. Chi-Square Question 19Read the findings presented. A researcher found that among nursing students, scores on a stress questionnaire (0-100) increased as performance on a clinical skills rating instrument (0-100 decreased. The results of the statistical analysis were z= 0.85, p=0.15 (alpha set at .05)  How would you interpret the results?A Strong negative correlation, not statistically significant.B. Strong positive correlation, statistically significantC. Weak positive correlation, not statistically significantD. Strong negative correlation, statistically significant. Question 20Characteristics of a normal distribution include: (Select all that apply)A. Data are continuousB. The shape is symmetricalC. The shape is skewedD. The shape is bimodal Question 21Teens scheduled for surgery participated in a research study testing the effect of listening to music before surgery or playing video games before surgery. What statistical test would you use to calculate whether the age in years between the two groups is comparable at baseline?A. Independent t-testB. Chi-squareC. ANOVAD. Dependent t-test Question 21Researchers are testing a new medication for weight loss that has a lot of harsh side effects. They want to be confident that if they reject the null hypothesis, they have a very low chance of being wrong. What should they do?A. Set p value at 0.05B. Set alpha at 0.01C. Set alpha at 0.05D. Set p value at 0.01  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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