describe the purpose, key principles and benefits of palliative…

Question describe the purpose, key principles and benefits of palliative… describe the purpose, key principles and benefits of palliative care. Identify at least three benefits of palliative care in your answer.List five rights of a person who is accessing palliative care.Effective communication with people accessing the service and other members of the palliative care team is essential.Describe two communication strategies that will help to build trust, show empathy, demonstrate support and empower the person seeking palliative care, their family, carers and/or significant othersPeople accessing palliative care services have the right to participate in and give their opinions on their care. Organisational policies and procedures should promote empowerment and involvement, and the choices of the person should be documented in their care plan.List five rights of a person who is accessing palliative care.A person accessing palliative care, their carer, family and /or significant others need to freely discuss spiritual and cultural issues in an open and safe environment. What contribution can you make to this as a palliative care worker within the scope of your role?A major part of providing palliative care is to ensure that the person’s pain is controlled and they are comfortable. It is essential that their nutritional and hydration requirements are also met during a palliative approach.If a person receiving palliative care were to refuse nutrition or hydration, explain the actions that you would need to take.Accessing palliative care can be a very challenging time. It is essential that you help to provide a supportive environment to the individual, families, carers and /or significant others involved in their care at end-of-life.Provide two strategies that can be used to support the needs of people dealing with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness.End-of-life care refers to the phase where death is expected to occur within hours or days. Briefly outline three signs of deterioration or imminent death that you might observe in a person on palliative care.When a person dies, everyone involved in their care may experience feelings of loss and grief. different people will react in different ways. You need to recognise their emotional needs and provide support when a death has occurred. Using your own words, describe the five stages of grief that a person may experience due to the loss of a loved one.Your organisation will have implemented various policies, practices and procedures aimed at supporting the person in palliative care and their families, carers and significant others.For each of the areas of support below, describe one strategy you could use to support these people while providing palliative care.Support the person’s familyMaintain the person’s dignity and quality of lifeProvide spiritual support when requestedExpert Answer Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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