Case Study 2: Nijah is the Director of an Early Learning Centre and…

Question Answered step-by-step Case Study 2: Nijah is the Director of an Early Learning Centre and… Case Study 2:Nijah is the Director of an Early Learning Centre and has responsibility for 10 early childhood educators and up to 30 children ranging between 6 weeks and 5 years old. Nijah knows she has a duty of care under WHS laws for the health and safety of her workers, the children in care at the centre and the families of those children when they visit the centre. With the additional risk of COVID-19 there are many things to consider, as they prepare food for children, small children do not understand physical distancing and they change nappies and help with the toileting of older children. Nijah is keen to maintain a high standard of hygiene at the centre and wants to make sure that her workers are reminded of the appropriate use of gloves in the workplace. Nijah considers that this is especially important at the moment as there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in her local suburbs. Nijah thinks about how she can highlight to workers the importance of using gloves correctly, when to change them and how to dispose of them. Nijah decides to put up educational posters in all wet areas, food preparation areas and in each room. Nijah has made these posters bright and happy by having the children colour them in as one of their activities. Nijah also lets her staff know that they must wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before wearing gloves and after removing the gloves and they must change their gloves after each individual task is completed. Nijah also advises her workers to avoid touching their face when wearing gloves. During each catch-up with her workers, Nijah reminds them they should continue to wear gloves when preparing or serving food, changing nappies, assisting a child with toileting or assisting a child to blow their nose. Nijah also asks her workers to wear gloves when disposing of any waste or rubbish. Nijah has installed and labelled sealed bins for used gloves and placed them near all hand washing facilities. But she has noticed that some workers are throwing the gloves in normal bins.On Monday, one child has taken a glove form the normal bin and tried to put it in their mouth. It was an emergency situation and workers had to rush him to the doctors. Read the above case study and answer to following questions:1.      Determine the WHS priorities in the above scenario by consulting with the workers and develop a WHS action plan taking account of priorities and training needs.2.      Identify potential barriers in improvements in WHS procedures3.      How will Nijah establish processes to monitorand review the success of the action plan and update the plans as required?4.     give short note to demonstrate the coordinated workplace procedure for above emergency situation.5.      Produce and give a workplace incident report in line with regulatory guidelines and organisational policies.    Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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