intricate questions.renal class Question 1 How do you calculate the…

Question intricate questions.renal class Question 1 How do you calculate the… intricate questions.renal classQuestion 1How do you calculate the plasma creatinine clearance value at thebedside, by body weight?Question 2Can you tell me whether administering low doses of dopamine toincrease renal blood flow is today considered obsolete?Question 3Why does haemoglobinuria cause anuria?Question 4I am confused over the use of a ‘high-protein diet’ in the managementof nephrotic syndrome. You say it confers no advantage, but the OxfordHandbook of Clinical Medicine advocates its use and Davidson’s Principlesand Practice of Medicine says it is even dangerous as it could lead to renaldamage. Which one should I choose, assuming I see the question inan MCQ?Question 5Is albumin infusion contraindicated in nephrotic syndrome? If not, thenwhat are the indications?Question 6Listed under the drug causes of nephrotic syndrome, it has beenstated that high doses of captopril can induce an immune-complexmediated membranous glomerulonephritis. If a patient with nephroticsyndrome has hypertension, is it detrimental to give captopril as atreatment for his hypertension? Could this exacerbate the patient’snephrotic syndrome?11 Renal disease102Renal disease 11103Question 7Please explain the pathophysiology of ascites in the nephroticsyndrome?Question 8Does the nephritic syndrome cause hyperkalaemia? I don’t seemto be able to find a definitive answer in the textbooks that I haveconsulted.Question 9You say that the investigation of first choice for urinary tract infections(UTIs) in males or children, or recurrent UTIs in females, is intravenousurography (IVU); in Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine it is ultrasound(US). Which is best?Question 101. Other than amoxicillin, what other orally administered drug isrecommended for the treatment of a urinary tract infection (UTI)caused by enterococcus?2. What is the recommended dosage for antibiotics in the prophylactictreatment of recurrent UTI in pregnancy? Is amoxicillin clavulanicacid safe to use during pregnancy? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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