I have a care plan to complete for this case study I have added…

Question I have a care plan to complete for this case study I have added… I have a care plan to complete for this case study I have added below and I am having a hard time figuring out how to complete the plan of care. The professor wants us to include the following but hasn’t gone into detail about how we should go about it. She wants it to be completed like this: 2 Nursing Diagnoses(3 parts)Dx, related to, evidenced by2 Expected Patient Outcomes for EACH Diagnosis (4 outcomes)Plan of Care2 Nursing intervention/rationale/reference for EACH Outcome (8 interventions) (INCLUDE REFERENCE FOR INTERVENTIONS)D.M, 56 year old female with history of psychosis and 5 documented prior admissions at CMHC (1 mo in 2001, 15 days in 2010, 1 mo in 2016, 13 days in 2018, 1 mo in 2020), admitted to the inpatient setting for decompensation secondary to medication non-compliance for a period of 1-2 weeks. On assessment, patient has psychotic thought process and at times psychotic thought content, is irritable, paranoid, thought blocked, circumstantial, perseverative, engaging in disorganized behavior at home, is unpredictable, has limited insight into her mental illness and is a danger to self and/or danger to others based upon her behavior requiring continued hospitalization. Currently refusing PO meds, TOO order obtained today 2/18.Schizoaffective disorder [ F25.9]Standing:Continue Abilify 5mg po daily for thought disorder, TOO obtained 2/18/21, if pt refuses give zyprexa 5 mg IM PRN – Haldol 2.5 mg PO Q6H PRN for agitation – Ativan 1 mg PO Q6H PRN for anxiety *** In case of severe agitation, please give both PRNs as IM  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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