A client is diagnosed to have hyponatremia due to excessive…

Question Answered step-by-step A client is diagnosed to have hyponatremia due to excessive… A client is diagnosed to have hyponatremia due to excessive Dextrose Water. On assessment, the client will havea) Lethargyb) Positive Chvostek’s signc) Dysrhythmiasd) Decreased bowel sounds 2.The nurse is caring for a patient with hyperkalemia, which body system would be most important for the nurse plan to monitor closely? 3.what would the nurse expect a patient with increased level of serum calcium to have 4.The nurse gives priority in performing assessments related to fluid balance for which patients? (select all that apply)a) An adolescent who suffered brain injury following a motor vehicle accident with bloold loss.b) Alert 35-year-old male patient who is an athlete recovering from elective cosmetic surgery.c) An elderly female patient with a history of severe depression.d) A 10 year month old baby who was admitted to the unit a day ago. 5.Your patient vomited 200 mL then had 240 mL of ice chips and 800 mL intravenous (IV) fluid during your shift. what should you record as the patient’s total intake? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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