read case study and answer questions In fact, the outermost 25 to…

Question Answered step-by-step read case study and answer questions In fact, the outermost 25 to… read case study and answer questions In fact, the outermost 25 to 30 cell layers of your skin consist of dead cells that do nothing beyond providing a physical barrier that keeps water in and chemicals out. Furthermore, all regular skin cells (keratinocytes), whether alive or dead, don’t detect physical sensations since they are not designed to peform such accordingly. Physical sensations that are experienced when touching an object are detected by special receptors that sit in lower layers of the skinanswer the following;1. explain non the presence of the amniotic fluid in the stem may the umbilical cord tissue degenerate the youngest and most primitive MSCs the creation of the hepatocytes, provide the structures that make it4.why are the Adult stem cells rare?5.why does no one know the origin of adult stem cells in any mature the derivation of the fully differentiated cells,how is the mature phenotypes able to degenerate the stem cells7. Ideally, ____________ should also be clonogenic.8.what is the link /connection between Adult stem cells and somatic stem the MSCs really posses antipyretic properties?10.which is the most frequently utilized source of Mesenchymal stem cells. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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