*** *Case study ;Note;According to the work energy theorem, the…

Question *** *Case study ;Note;According to the work energy theorem, the… ****Case study;Note;According to the work energy theorem, the amount of work you do on a system becomes the energy contained in the system. Because the work is constant with or without the lever, the energy is also constant. A lever therefore does not create energy. The energy inputted to perform certain job is exactly the same with or without the lever. The lever just maximizes efficiency. Human muscles are built for endurance, and not short-term,performance. It is easier for humans to carry 10 pounds up 100 s, even though the total mechanical energy required for both jobs is exactly the same. Even though the total mechanical energy required is the same, one job is easier because human muscles operate more efficiently at low intensities for a long time.please read the above information and elaborate on the answers accordingly1.enumerate and state all the possible formulas used to measure size of aerosol particles?2 When light is passed through a suspension, it’s intensity decreases due to?elaborate 3.analyse the Rayleigh scattering blue colour of the sky phenomenon as in the scattering process4.relate the diffusiophoresis to the lower vapour to high vapour molecule5. Particle movement due to photophoresis depends on?6.how is the Equivalent diameter of a sphere having same volume as that of the aerosol an indicator to the aerodynamic diameter of an aerosol7.range the extremes for the size of the particles categorised as aerosols8.critique; Aerosols contribute to global warming.9.what is the interconnection of the Fluid or solid in gas as applied in the colloid aerosol?10.demonstrate your understanding on the concept of Cloudy nucleic coagulation when referring to the micron diameter. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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