read the case study below and answer these questions…

Question Answered step-by-step read the case study below and answer these questions… read the case study below and answer these questionscasetudy;Violet shifts happen all the time. We call them blue shifts. When a star emits light, the color of its light as observed on earth depends on its motion relative to earth. If a star is moving towards the earth, its light is shifted to higher frequencies on the color spectrum (towards the green/blue/violet/ultraviolet/x-ray/gamma-ray end of the spectrum). A higher frequency shift is called a “blue shift”questions1.explain the depletion mode feature of the inverter circuit as used in load transition2. In basic inverter circuit _____________ is connected to ground.3.provide the b basic necessities for the inverters4.when is it advisable for current to flow in complementary transistor pull-up5.what causes the in the current flows during depletion mode pull-up?6. An inverter driven through one or more pass transistors has Zp.u/Zp.d ratio of7.what is the other secondary function of Pass transistors8. What is the ratio of Zp.u/Zp.d? best would you relate the pull upoad to the nMOS inverter configuration depletion mode10. For depletion mode transistor, gate should be connected to? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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