Mandy is a client in a respite home for teenagers and young adults,…

Question Answered step-by-step Mandy is a client in a respite home for teenagers and young adults,… Mandy is a client in a respite home for teenagers and young adults, and you are her support worker. It was 10:30 am on a Saturday morning and you had just served morning tea which Mandy helped you to prepare. Jill, one of the other clients, made a derogatory remark about the morning tea and Mandy yelled at her, and when Jill yelled back, Mandy grabbed Jill’s morning tea and threw it on the floor. You intervened, trying to calm both girls down, but Mandy was out of control, throwing her chair against a wall and running to her room slamming the door shut. You knocked on Mandy’s door and told her you were ready to talk to her when she was ready to talk. She called you into her room about 10 minutes later and discussed why she did what she did and you helped her work through how she could manage it better next time. She said she was angry, and that yelling and throwing things made her feel better at the time. She agreed that she felt worse afterwards, and that she would try saying how she felt next time, and letting the support workers help her resolve the issue. She came out to the kitchen and cleaned up the mess she had made.Antecedents (What was happening before the incident? Describe person’s mood and if anything triggered the incident. Does this incident fit with any known pattern of behaviours?)Behaviours (What actually happened? Describe the incident carefully and in detail. Describe observable actions only.)Consequences (What happened as a result of the incident? What does the behaviour help the person to achieve? Does this incident fit with known patterns of behaviour?) Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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