Case Vignette 16.1 Michelle, 20 years old, presents to the…

Question Answered step-by-step Case Vignette 16.1 Michelle, 20 years old, presents to the… Case Vignette 16.1 Michelle, 20 years old, presents to the community mental health clinic. She seems annoyed that she was kept waiting for a few minutes past her appointment time. Michelle reports feelings of depression. “My medicines aren’t working anymore. I’m getting fat.” She mentions that she recently spent 2 weeks at home during spring break from college. The nurse notes that Michelle is wearing a skirt and sandals with no coat or socks, although it is cold. During the interview Michelle alternately sits across from the nurse and paces in front of the window. Michelle states that she started taking desipramine prescribed by a college physician last semester because she was feeling “sad.” She has gained 30 lb (13.6 kg) in 6 months. Michelle angrily states that the physician did not listen when she complained during follow-up sessions about weight gain and asked to take something else.” She denies suicidality or homicidally but notes that, at times, she feels “hyper,” with extreme depression following. At one point, Michelle stands Reflection and Critical Thinking • Although she denies suicidality or homicidally, Michelle’s behavior suggests impulsivity that might increase her risk for self-harm. What should the nurse do? Should the nurse involve Michelle’s parents or a supportive friend? Is it safe for Michelle to leave the clinic? Should the nurse consider psychiatric hospitalization? • What information about Michelle’s family history should the nurse gather? ·        Should the nurse contact the college physician? Is a release of information necessary?Reference. Psychiatric- mental health nursing. Wanda K Mohr 8th edition  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING RN INTRODUCTI Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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