Sally and Tom are new clients at your obstetrics office. They are…

Question Answered step-by-step Sally and Tom are new clients at your obstetrics office. They are… Sally and Tom are new clients at your obstetrics office. They are both 25 years old. You are asking them about the reason for their visit. Sally says she thinks she is pregnant because she missed a period, again. Her last normal menstrual period was 11/03/2020. Tom tells you Sally is always nauseated all the time. They have not been using birth control and have wanted to have children since they got married last summer. Sally says her clothes are feeling tighter and her breasts seem tender, but that happens every month with her cycle. Tom says he has noticed that Sally has been frequently getting up to go to the bathroom at night. Sally is concerned because she has a half-brother who has Down syndrome, had one first trimester miscarriage at age 22 and she had one elective abortion at 10 weeks gestation when she was 20 years old.1. What subjective symptoms have led Sally to presume she is pregnant?2. What other conditions could be the cause of Sally’s symptoms?3. How can a pregnancy be confirmed as probable in the office?4. What three methods can be used to diagnose a pregnancy as positive?5. The urine pregnancy test comes back positive. What is Sally’s due date?6. What is Sally’s obstetric history (GTPAL format) at this time?7. What education would you provide to Sally about genetic testing options, what time frame would they be offered, and what information can be obtained from these tests?8. Name three physiologic changes during each trimester of the pregnancy that the nurse would teach to the couple.9. Discuss anticipatory guidance about managing the physiologic changes the nurse would expect to educate the couple on during each trimester of the pregnancy.10. Discuss the nursing management of the pregnant client in each trimester of pregnancy (visits, warning signs, additional testing, etc.).Search entries or author Health Science Science Nursing NUR 204 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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