Question Set 1: Mrs. Price is a 76-year-old diabetic and, after a…

Question Answered step-by-step Question Set 1: Mrs. Price is a 76-year-old diabetic and, after a… Question Set 1: Mrs. Price is a 76-year-old diabetic and, after a stroke, had to relocate to a nursing facility. In a short time her diabetes began to have uncontrollable fluctuations. Her blood sugar ranged from 20 to 800 mEq/mL. Some of this was caused by erratic eating habits, almost no exercise, frequent urinary tract infections, and considerable stress related to her condition and her future. She bumped her toe while being assisted into her wheelchair after occupational therapy. In a few days, the bruise had sloughed skin, and an open sore was evident. In spite of appropriate treatment, the sore became necrotic and was debrided. Mrs. Price, who rarely complained, began to moan while she was sleeping and cry a lot during the day. She complained of a continuous burning sensation and said that it felt as if her toe was “on fire.” One day she threw her coffee cup across the room complaining that it was not hot enough. Various pain medications were given by mouth on an inconsistent basis and the relief she experienced was minimal. She began to beg to die saying, “I’m so tired of hurting.” The nurses thought perhaps she was right—after all, her general condition was poor, she was in pain all the time, and life held little satisfaction for her. Maybe the end had come for Mrs. Price.What is the objective and subjective information in the above nursing study?Discuss the effects of persistent, chronic pain in older adults.What could be done, based on the information you have, to respond to Mrs. Price’s pain?How would your answer to #3 change if Mrs. Price was cognitively impaired and had difficulty communicating? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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