Physicians VS. Cost Containment and High Performing Individuals…

Question Physicians VS. Cost Containment and High Performing Individuals… Physicians VS. Cost Containment and High Performing IndividualsMichelle Albright posted Feb 16, 2021 6:31 PMSubscribe  In review of the question stated I would respond by stating that high performing individuals still continue to choose healthcare as a profession. The access to this healthcare through MCO/ACO’s would be the root cause to people obtaining quality healthcare. Lack of access and not having a clear understanding when purchasing healthcare insurance or having it provided through employment gives the appearance of a decrease in the quality of care received.   In an attempt to manage our healthcare with fixed costs, fixed choices to plans of healthcare through employee benefit programs and referrals to specialized care have effectively led people into choices regarding their healthcare with limited information. This is evidenced by taking a look at healthcare in the mid 1980s when having an HMO plan was an option and moving forward to today through employment it could be your only option based on what your company purchased and what tax-free benefits they received through collective bargaining and the Internal Revenue Code.   People still want to assist their communities and impact them in a positive way. For example, I became a nurse for that very reason. My community lacked a great deal of access to healthcare most people worked jobs where it was not available or they were not given enough hours to qualify for benefits. These are the very same people who were responsible employees and would stay on with a company for years and sometimes be able to work with other family members if their health sustained long enough to do so without intervention.   Do I believe that We have a decline in high performing individuals? No, with the use of Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistance, Case Managers and effective use of Evidence Based Practice high performers are not the issue but our access to them is.   Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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