You are an RYou’PN in a critical care unit. Michelle, Is a 30 year…

Question Answered step-by-step You are an RYou’PN in a critical care unit. Michelle, Is a 30 year… You are an RYou’PN in a critical care unit. Michelle, Is a 30 year old patient in the ICU after a car accident.  She’s a paraplegic, suffers severe neurogenic pain and headaches as a result from the accident. Michelle is mentally competent and alert to her surroundings. She has stated to not want treatment if she contracts pneumonia, or be given CPR if the need arises. Michelle has a pain team that is daily assessing her need for opiods. The team has noticed an increase need of opioids to manage her pain.During your shift, Michelle’s respiration rate keeps decreasing and is very drowsy. Michelle is now moaning and crying and states that the pain is unbearable. Pain team believes giving  her the dose will further decrease her breathing which could lead to her death.Question: What is the capacity of decision makers? Health Science Science Nursing RPN S121 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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