1. What do you want to be better in nursing because of you and your…

Question Answered step-by-step 1. What do you want to be better in nursing because of you and your… 1. What do you want to be better in nursing because of you and your efforts?I would want nursing to be more people-oriented rather than task-oriented. A lot of times nurses get too caught up in doing the tasks we need to do, and lose the connection we are supposed to have with the patient. It can get so busy and as nurses we can get caught up in the moment and thinking about our next task we need to do, but we as nurses should really focus all of our undivided attention to out patient and the present moment. I would also want patients to feel educated when staying in the hospital and upon discharge. This way, the patient can fully understand what is going on with their disease process and how to better themselves from it with the right resources and make better health care decisions.2. What would you like best to be known for by others?I would want to be best known for being a compassionate, empathetic, and efficient nurse. I want to leave a positive impact and make a difference in someones life. In my career path, I know that there will be many highs and lows to come, but being a team player and having good rapport with my coworkers and patients is also important to me. I want my patients to feel at ease everytime I enter the room and have an open ear for any questions or concerns they are having.What’s your comment about this discussion? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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