Community Health Assessmentzip code on 11226 All the information…

Question Answered step-by-step Community Health Assessmentzip code on 11226 All the information… Community Health Assessment zip code on 11226 All the information attained in the community assessment will be compiled into a PowerPoint presentation format and will be presented on the assigned date compiled trifold pamphlet . The trifold pamphlet will entail all the highlights of their zip code assessment that identifies the strengths, risks and existing health challenges of the community and list 2 priority health risk diagnoses that face the individuals living in that community. Community Assessment Template and Outline:Describe the Community – a.  Overall impression and perception of the community b.  Windshield Survey Highlights i.  What do you see what resources exist what risks and potentials exist? ii.  Include photos or clips that give a visual of the community as it is. iii.  Include the response of 1 key informant (one individual in the community that can say how or what has changed in the community over the years) c.  Overall perception of the community’s general health status 1.  Include a comparison of the statistics that exist in government websites such as vital statistics and etc. regarding health status of this zip code area. Community core and Supportive Data (Photos, clips, web and historical documentation can be used here for support) a.  Ethnic history (ethnic landmarks or signs of gentrification can be discussed here) b.  Cultural history (cultural landmarks can be highlighted here, types of buildings, historical developments etc.) c.  County history d.  Demographics and ethnicity according to documentation (website info or library details) e.  Educational distribution (schools, educational resources and level of education of community members) f.  Vital Statistics of the community (overall health status, births, deaths, health resources) g.  Values, Beliefs, Religionsa.  Physical environment of the community b.  Sanitation c.  Buildings d.  Signs of community cohesiveness e.  Health and Social Services i.  Hospitals, Post-offices, Fire departments, Police Departments etc.) f.  Economy state of the community g.  Transportation h.  Safety i.  Politics and Government j.  Communication k.  RecreationPerceptions – a.  Identification of community strengths, risks and challengesCommunity Analysis – a.  Based on all the findings and your perceptions of the community state 2 health risk diagnoses that would appropriately describe the health risk of those living in the community. How does this compare to the Healthy People 2021 target?   As the Community Health Nurse assigned to that community, list 1 intervention you would implement for each of the risk diagnoses you have identified. – Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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