WCU Health & Medical Gabapentin in Bipolar Disorder Case Study

A new patient presents to your office for treatment of bipolar disorder. In his medical history, he

reports that he takes gabapentin prescribed by his primary care provider, but he is not sure what

he takes it for. He states he is almost out of his gabapentin and is asking you for a refill.

Consider the following questions in your initial post:

? Would you prescribe the gabapentin? Why or why not?

? Should a PMHNP prescribe medications not intended for psychiatric use?

? Does gabapentin have any psychiatric benefits?

In your response posts, consider the position that your peer has stated regarding prescribing

gabapentin. Respond with 2-3 questions that you could ask the patient to help determine if it is

appropriate for a PMHNP to prescribe gabapentin?

? Tusaie & Fitzpatrick

o Ch. 7, pp. 127-147 , Kaplan & Saddock Ch. 1, pp. 1-31 

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