Rio Salado College Module 2 Animal and Human Research Discussion

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the 7 elements for ethical human subject research are (social value, scientific validity, subject selection, risk benefit ratio, independent review, informed consent, and respect for enrolled subjects). Conversely, you have read about the various protections of animals used in research. 

In this discussion, you will be comparing and contrasting the 7 elements with the protections afforded research animals.

please address the following:

  • Compare 3 elements (of your choosing) for ethical human research to the various rules (Blue Book) and protections for research animals – are they the same, what makes them different?
  • Animal research is controversial, using your knowledge of human subject research and your knowledge of animal research, state, and defend your opinion of current rules and protections making sure to include the 3 Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement). 

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