Question Post Corporate Documents for compliance

Group 2/Corporate Documents for compliance

In the Law of Health Care Administration, 9th Edition. Read:

Part 1:  Critical Analysis of the Law

  1. Evaluate the legal risks and consequences that can arise for failing to comply with the laws that govern corporate practices. Evaluate one of the following laws.
    • State Incorporation Laws
    • Non-Profit Tax Law
    • Sarbanes Oxley Law (SOX)
  2. Evaluate one corporate document from the list below.  Indicate the type of risk the corporate document will mitigate and how you would use it.
  • Corporate Organization Document  – Articles of Incorporation
  • Corporate mission, vision,  and values statements
  • Corporate Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Government reporting forms
  • Corporate annual report
  1. How would an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) system limit corporate compliance risk? How would an Enterprise Document System (EDM) prevent the problems in The Tracks We Leave, Chapter 10  Failed Hospital Merger:  Richland River Valley Healthcare System. Be specific and demonstrate understanding of the risks and how the compliance tool can be used specifically to control the risks.

Part 2:  Strategic Compliance with the Law

You are an administrator in a very busy clinic in the same managed care organization (MCO)  as the local hospital. Five of your providers (Dollar Docs) have office space in the hospital and they regularly refer to a nearby home health agency including five they own. The Dollar Docs give you data from their practice in order for you to prepare an SEC report each year. You find out they have been “inflating”  numbers to show even more profit than they have actually earned.  They also refuse to provide charity care for those who come into for services they provide.

  1. What laws (from those your group was assigned to evaluate) does this arrangement violate? Why? What are the consequences of the violation(s)?
  2. Create an action plan with three actions you could take to correct the problem including the specific compliance strategy selected.

Please use the pages pages 459 – 487

Chapter 10 Failed Hospital Merger book 

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