Purdue University Global Cultural Competence Health & Medical Questions

Based upon current evidence-based research, explain how cultural competence improves health outcomes.

Identify the differences between cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competence.

Discuss why geographic regions, such as Appalachia, are often associated with a particular culture.

Below is a list of five cultural factors that can have a significant impact on health outcomes. For each factor, give an example of how a particular culture (for example Mexican Americans) may affect the health and development of a pediatric patient.

  • Health Beliefs
  • Health Customs
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Dietary Customs

Conduct a brief cultural self-assessment that includes:

  • What culture do you identify with?
  • How does your culture view diversity?
  • Explain the impact of your culture on healthcare decisions.
  • Explain how your culture views the dying process.
  • Are there any particular customs, foods, holidays, and beliefs that strongly represent your culture?

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