Planning for Mental Health Services

Each student will complete 4 case studies responding to the questions posed in the instructions.The case study provides the learner with the opportunity to analyze current epidemiological data for management, evaluate various determinants and measures of health, and to synthesize this information to make management decisions based on Christian principles.

Case studies also provide the future professional with a glimpse into the real-world application of writing briefs or actual case studies for use in management or leadership decision making.These assignments provide a framework for how niche-specific, social proofs may be used to inform decisions in health care administration.Leaders will utilize these types of case studies to determine how to best serve populations or at-risk demographics when delivering health care.

Case Study: Planning for Mental Health Services AssignmentRead/Review: Chapter 11, Case Study 11.2  Respond to the following question sets. Include a description of how you derived the response.   

What      proportion of treated patients with severe mental disorders was treated by      general practitioners only? Explain your response.

  • What      proportion of patients with severe mental disorders was not treated by      health services? Explain your answer with help from the data      provided/calculated?
  • Based on the      data presented in Table 11.5, what are the resource implications of      recommended targets in Queensland for inpatient acute and non-acute beds,      ambulatory care clinical staffing, and financial implications of      NGO-managed community support services in 2005-2017?
  • In addition      to planning agencies, describe additional direct and indirect methods of      healthcare planning.

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