PBH 205 University of Nevada Las Vegas History of Public Health Discussion

Assignment #2: History of Public Health (15 pts, 2 page minimum). This assignment will help you understand pivotal historic events in public health.  

Select one of the diseases that interest you from the “12 Diseases That Altered History” and conduct future research on that disease. Provide a brief introduction to the disease (no more than half a page). Answer the four questions in essay format.  The total assignment should include a minimum of 2 pages of writing.

  1. Provide a brief introduction to the disease (no more than half a page).
  2. Is this disease still considered a public health threat? Why or why not?
  3. What was one critical change that occurred as a result of the disease and/or the prevention of the disease?
  4. Identify one individual who was an important figure in public health and worked to address the disease. What did he/she contribute and how did it change public health?
  5. How might a medical professional treat the disease differently than a public health professional?

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