New England College Health and Medical Paper

Objective.The objective of this assignment is to gain insight into knowledge management issues, and to assess how and to what extent systems analysis methods and modelling techniques can assist in providing a systematic approach to the understanding of organizational knowledge management needs.  You will apply one of the modelling and analysis techniqueslearned in class(DFD, BPMN or VNA)to an application domain setting

NOTE : Resources will be provided .

If DFD is used –only use the Gane and Sarsonmodel.

Select a Setting

1.Select an application domain area. 

Some suggested areas are:


?Education and e-learning 

?Product development and engineering 


?Scholarly research, publishing, and digital libraries


?Enterprise management 

2.Select a setting within the domain area.  For example, within the healthcare domain, you might select settings from various types of clinics or hospital departments (e.g., eye clinic), specialized medical services (e.g., radiology, pharmacy), medical research, public health, etc.?Your  knowledge  about  the  setting  could  come  from  any  of,  or  a  combination  of  the following: with an actual organization to which you have access

ii.published  literature  about  the  domain  (see  course  outline  for  some  suggested readings)

iii.personal knowledge and experience in the domain

?The setting should contain identifiable work processes.


?The setting should potentially contain a range of knowledge processes, such as knowledge creation, codification, transfer, application, storage/retrieval, evolution, etc.?The setting may contain various information technologies, but need not contain specific technologies or systems for knowledge management.  The focus of this assignment is on analyzing knowledge management needs.?The  scope  of  the  setting  should be  selected  to  provide  sufficient  depth  and  breadth  of analysis  for  the  purpose  of  this  assignment.    It  should  include  several  work  groups  or communities  with  some  interactions  from  a  knowledge  point  of  view.    It  could  involve groups or communities across more than one organization.


INSECTIONMARKREQUIREMENTSBackground/1Provide a background on the application workflow/process to be modeled.Knowledge Model Description/8Use one of the modeling methods covered in class (DFD, BPMN or VNA) to design an application workflow/process and/or knowledge flow. Describe the modeling notation in your own words and how it was used. The workflow model must be included in this section.Knowledge Creation /6Summarize  the  overall  pattern  of  knowledge  exchanges  (tacit  and  explicit)  that are or are not evident in your model.Knowledge Conversion/6Building off the Nonka’sFour  Modes  of  Knowledge  Conversion  (SECI  model), discussion the conversion of knowledge between tacit and explicit as a result of the  four  modes  or  processes:  Socialization,  Externalization,  Internalization  and Combination.Model Insights/5Upon reviewing your model. Do you feel there are any weaknesses that could be alleviated if a different model was used?If you feel there are no weaknesses, please explain why

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