Reflection Paper #1

(Module/Week 1)

In  Module/Week 1, you will be required to submit a paper in which you  integrate the course reading and video presentation to develop a 4–5  page paper on: The absolutes which provide a basis for the 5 ethical theories presented in the Munson text.

Employing the definition that “an absolute is an immutable, universal truth about reality,” please provide a detailed presentation which is organized according to the following format:

PART I- Provide a brief Introductory Summary (Must include a clear Thesis Statement).

PART II- Present the five theories and explain in detail a primary “absolute” for each theory. 

PART III- Identify the absolutes and theories that most correlate to Christian tradition or biblical references. Please be sure to provide clear, biblical support for your rationale.

PART IV– Select the ethical theory which is most appealing to your personal belief system and explain why. (This is the only section of the paper which should include any personal references.)

BIBLIOGRAPHY – Please note that you must have at least two supplementary sources  (in addition to the text and the Bible) that are used in the  development and presentation of your paper. It is important to note that  Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for this paper. Please make sure to use APA or AMA formatting when citing your work. 

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