Mechanisms of Genetic Material Modification Paper

Identify three different mechanisms by gene expression can be modified to impact human metabolism. Describe general mechanisms; do not describe specific, individual gene modifications, for example, “there is a SNP in the X gene that is associated with diabetes.” Do not describe more than one of the same mechanisms, e.g., SNP or DNA sequence alteration in different genes or the same gene. This would be one mechanism…DNA sequence change. There—you got one for free. : )

This assignment will address the following objectives: 

Illustrate three different mechanisms of genetic material modification that can impact human metabolism.

Apply knowledge of gene expression to specific scenarios in class discussions.


  • Review the grading rubric and submit your assignment after completing it.
  • Write a paper of approximately 200-300 words. Text beyond 300 words will not be graded.

Describe at least three different mechanisms by which genetic material can be modified to impact human metabolism. Do NOT list multiple examples of the same mechanism.

Draw from this module’s content and online resources if applicable. If you use external resources, include in-text citations and a reference page (references do not count toward word count).



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