Maricopa Community Colleges Rio Salado Community College Clinical Trials Essay

Please write a 500 words or less reflection essay on the following:

Topic: we have covered the roles and responsibilities of the various scientific and research review boards in the oversight of clinical trials and the application process for approval of protocols and consents for clinical trials. Topics covered included the historical framework for the consenting process and the IRB’s role in the approval of the protocol and the consent, federal regulations that govern scientific review boards including IACUC, Radiation Review, Biosafety and the DSMB. Throughout the class you have had opportunities to apply the material covered through participation in discussion boards, assignments, projects and exams.

This reflection exercise is an opportunity to explore what you have learned and applied and what it means to you in a professional capacity. In 500 words or less, reflect on what you have learned in this course addressing the following three points:

  • The role of scientific review boards in clinical trials.
  • Ethical principles of the consenting process.
  • IRB approval.

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