Grand Canyon University Rebellion Towards God Discussion

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On the other side of that coin, it can be very grievous for family to know that their loved one was in rebellion towards God. I was still a teenager when I volunteered at Hospice in memory of a friend I lost there, and I had been engaged in conversation with another patient, who was ministering to me as a teenager not quite sure of my own faith yet. When I left that patient’s room, another family’s daughter stopped me and begged that I speak with her father, who had up until then refused to seek God in any form. Her distress was overwhelming, and she was quite tearful. And having been unsure of my own faith, I was relieved to find that the man had other company – I would not have to enter into such a conversation with him, since I had been on my way out when she initially stopped me. I think of him often now, wondering if I were the last person who could have pleaded with him, and about what happened in the end. But to family and caregivers left behind after the death of one who denies God, it can be heart wrenching. I stopped volunteering after that…working in a field where death is a constant presence requires a strength of spirit and mind, and as Christians it requires courage to minister to those who may openly mock you or complain about you. But it’s important to remember that where some find comfort, others find grief.

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