Cuyamaca College Child Growth and Development Discussion

Childbirth education in this country began in the 1970s as a grassroots movement, in order to give expectant parents information and support while giving birth. The movement grew out of the belief that mothers did not have to be medicated to give birth and that they could have someone they loved with them in the delivery room. Almost all expectant parents attended childbirth classes. Recently, prepared childbirth seems to have fallen out of practice, many young couples are choosing not to attend childbirth classes and come to the hospital not really knowing what to expect or they are underprepared for the experience. Just a few years ago this was not the case. Up until the mid-90s 84% of mothers and their spouses/partners/or birth coaches took childbirth classes prior to the birth of the baby. By 2012 this number had dropped to about 54%. Why do you think this trend has changed? 

Now read about these different methods of childbirth and then comment in the discussion board on the one you or your partner would most like to experience (or have experienced) and why would you choose it also, why do you think more and more expectant parents are choosing not to attend childbirth classes? Please respond to at least 1 of your classmates this week. 

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