Chamberlain University Evidence Based Practice Discussion

Reflection Questions

Improving patient care and outcomes is paramount to the practice of nursing. As we conclude the learning journey through our world of research and evidence-based practice, please reflect on the following:

  • Think about nursing practice and describe one barrier that you think prohibits nurses from engaging in EBP; share one strategy you could use to facilitate the use of evidence to help improve nursing care for patients.
  • Describe how your thinking has changed about nursing research and evidence-based practice over the past 8 weeks; describe one new learned item during this course that you believe was the most helpful.

I will also need one reply to two classmates. I am attaching their responses below

Alexia: On reflection there are many barriers that prohibits nurses from engaging in evidence base practice, one specifically is change. First and most importantly change must be addressed to all for it to be effective. By addressing change people should be educated on protocols and how a process has changed. The best way is to talk of change in huddles or education boards. Time can also rise a challenge for most people. Those with children may not have extra time for conducting research appropriately. According to Chamberlain week 8 lesson (2022) the organization may not be aware of newer evidence due to lack of perceived value, lack of support, lack of ability to understand nursing research, lack of availability, and lack of time. One strategy that is useful to facilitate change is to join a professional organization pertaining to a specific area of nursing practice. Organizations are the best on current information which can be disseminated to internet access and journals.

Over the past 8 weeks I have learned to view research and EBP differently than I did prior to this class. I always knew of the importance but this class highlighted the severity for accurate patient care. I learned that there are many different ways to conduct research and ways to collaborate to spread information. In the end change must happen for enhanced patient care, with change through research questions can be answered.

Chamberlain week 8 lesson. (2022)…

stephanie: One barrier preventing nurses from engaging in EBP is change (Chamberlain, 2022). I see this a lot in my field and life in general. I feel, we sometimes are creatures of habit, and change, even if good, can be hard resulting in several members being reluctant. As a leader in nursing, promoting change for the betterment of our patients, is something we will need to endure and set out to accomplish. One strategy that may make a difference, is involving your team in promoting that change and encouraging nurses to do their own research. As a nurse, when changes occur or are pushed out, these are sometimes coming from representatives that are not in the field implementing, and therefor can appear, impersonalized and sometimes not something that is even obtainable. I think the team approach with several members representing their department may be a good option. So while there may be nurses who are very interested in making things better, the inhibitors themselves come from within the unit of not seeking involvement at all.

I look at research completely different after taking this course. Evidence based information is all around us, on the tv, in articles, social media, etc. I now pay attention every time these things come across in literature. I can almost immediately identify as qualitative or quantitative, where the bias may exist and how the data was collected. Data collection was probably the most helpful piece I learned. I really feel, how something was collected, on how many participants, in what setting and how these participants were chosen, really help determine if the research youÂ’re reading will apply to the current problem you have. Data collection, in my opinion, is a huge proponent for research and EBP. I have enjoyed the course immensely and feel confident when proposing change to my company through research collection.

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