American Military University Week 8 Data Sets Worksheet

  • Demonstrate compliance with healthcare data sets (Blooms 3)


Part I: Review the information on Data Sets from your content. Study the Table 1 provided in the content. Create your own table with 3 columns and copy the information from the table in the content for the first 2 columns for DEEDS, MDS, OASIS, UACDS, and UHDDS.

Part II: Research each of these online and/or in the Peden textbook and in the 3rd column show 4 data elements that are required for each of the data sets. Part II: Open the inpatient record provided. Analyze the documentation in the record to see if it would meet the requirement for the UHDDS data elements you included in your table, include justification. Type a Yes or a No after each of the data elements to indicate if you were able to find the data element in the chart.

Example: Your table may look like this:





Health Care facilities that provide emergency services (participation is voluntary)

1. Patient ID data – yes
2. Facility ID data – yes
3. Provider ID data – yes
4. Diagnosis – yes


National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Data elements for emergency department systems, release 1.0. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1997.

“Minimum Data Set (MDS) Data.” Retrieved from…

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Preliminary Recommendations for Core Health Data Elements.”

OASIS Data Sets” 2019.

Peden, A. 2017. Comparative Health Information Management, 4th Ed. Cengage, Boston, MA. ISBN 978-1285871714

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