York Political Correctness Manipulates and Wrongly Convicts Discussion

Unit 6 Assignment: Legal Environment of Human Resources Management

Before you begin your Assignment, watch a brief video introduction.


  • Imagine that you are a human resource manager at a large hospital. You have been asked to speak to a group of students taking a Human Resources in Healthcare Administration course. The course professor has asked you to share your legal expertise in the area of human resources management and emergency management.
  • Create a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation that discusses the legal environment for human resources management and emergency management. Include a voice recording to narrate your presentation using the Record Narration tool. Include speaker’s notes that describe your slides. Be sure to include references and citations from at least three sources. Your PowerPoint presentation should be visually appealing and should catch your audience’s attention with the demonstration of effective oral delivery. Your goal is to actively engage future human resource managers.


  • Describe and discuss a definition of law and the legal implications for human resources management.
  • Explain the purposes and major requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Labor Relations Act. Please include their historical context of a relatively unregulated legal environment before 1964.
  • Explain the importance of an emergency management plan specific to emergency and disaster management. Please be sure to download the file Writing Center Resources to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written assignments.

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