please answer the following questions

Question 1: Select 1 of the 6 journal articles. 

a) Discuss how you could utilize and/or adapt its information, concepts, ideas, and/or innovations within your future CNS or NP role (if enrolled in the CNS or NP program) or future professional practice role (if enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence program). 

(Be sure to identify your projected future role and setting and the article you selected). 

b) Explain why you selected this one over the other 5 articles. 

c) With which course student learning outcome (CSLO) was your selected article most closely aligned? Elaborate in 2-5 sentences. 

Question 2:  Spend 15 minutes uninterrupted time to explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) website. (Do not use a phone or other small screen device). Select one of the website headings to click on and further explore. Complete the following sentences:

a) I spent 15 minutes on the UN SDG website and the most important discovery I made was __________________.  Elaborate in 2-5 sentences. 

b) Exploration of this site fits with developing the following CSLO _______________________. Elaborate in 2-5 sentences.  

c) Exploration of this site fits with developing the following CNS or NP core competency __________. (Provide only 1 example and be sure to list corresponding category and number) Elaborate in 2-5 sentences.   

Certification Exam Prep – (Synthesized Learning Application)

For your discussion board post:

a) Write the rationale for why an answer is correct or incorrect beneath the response option. Begin your response with “this option is correct because…. Or this option is incorrect because…..”

b) Discuss any feelings you experienced as you worked through the process of answering the question. (See sample list of feelings).

c) Discuss any thoughts you had as you worked through the process of answering the question. 

To best provide appropriate nutritional and exercise advice or direct nutritional and exercise promotion services in a culturally congruent way, the transculturally oriented NP or CNS should:

a) try to enter the food and exercise world of the client and understand how they view and use foods and exercise

b) provide internet and written resources written no higher than the grade 6 level in the patient’s preferred language

c) emphasize the balance of hot and cold foods to enhance healing and encourage daily exercise among ethnic minority groups at highest risk for obesity

d) consult with the physician concerning ethnic foods permissible within the prescribed medical diet 

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