Kean What Is the Difference Between a Variable and A Constant Statistics Exercise

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1. Define the following terms and state their relationship to one another: (a) measurement, (b) data, (c) statistics, and (d) evaluation.

2. What is the difference between a variable and a constant? Between indeĀ­pendent and dependent variables? Give examples of each.

3. List the four classes of data and provide an example of each one. Explain why your example fits the class in which you placed it.

4. Explain how statistical inference is conducted. Define population, sample, random sample, and stratified random sample.

5. What is the difference between a parameter and a statistic?

6. What is the relationship between a theory and a hypothesis? Give an example of how a hypothesis may be used to solve a problem in kinesiology.

7. Give an example of a misuse of statistics that you have observed.

8. List three journals in the general field of kinesiology in which research and statistical conclusions are presented. 


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