Grand Canyon University Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Questions

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Q1 Look again at the CDC’s Web page about ADHD.

In 150-200 words, please analyze the document’s purpose and audience. Who, for example, is the CDC’s audience? What are the CDC’s beliefs about ADHD, and how does the CDC’s Web page relate itself to those beliefs? Why would the federal government post a Web page about ADHD? What role does the general public expect the government to play regarding disorders such as ADHD?

Q2 Review the CDC website and answer at least three of the questions below:

Who is the writer?

What is the writer’s purpose?

Who is the intended audience?

  1. What is the broader cultural context that motivated the writing of the article?
  2. How does the writer establish ethos?
  3. Does the writer appeal to logos (logic)?
  4. Does the writer appeal to pathos (emotions)?
  5. Do you feel that the website is effective? Why or why not?

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